How to use CryptUp

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How to use CryptUp

CryptUp has been tightly integrated to Windows Explorer for greater ease of use.

To encrypt, decrypt or shred one or more files and/or folders, you just have to select the objects in Windows Explorer and right-click the selection.

In the context menu, click CryptUp and the sub-menu will provide access to all of the options available in CryptUp.

If you select a folder to be encrypted or decrypted, on the left side of the Explorer, the entire folder will be processed but it's sub-folders, if any, will not be handled. To encrypt or decrypt several folders at the same time, select those folders on the right pane of the Explorer.

If you select a folder to be shredded, all it's sub-folders and their contents will be destroyed. So be very careful when selecting your folders not to inadvertently shred documents you didn't intend to!

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