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Decrypt the selected items

In this page, we will use the word "key" to define a Passphrase as well as a Password.

  I - Decryption options

Determine whether you want your source files, i.e. the encrypted files, to be deleted after encryption or to remain on your hard disk.

  • If the checkbox labeled "I want to delete the source file once it is decrypted" is checked, each source file will be deleted as soon as it is decrypted.

  • If the checkbox is not checked, the source files will remain on your hard drive untouched.
    This last option can be convenient if you only want to refer to a file without modifying it. Once your are done, just shred the decrypted copy, the encrypted version still being on your hard drive.

The default state of this checkbox can be set in the Options menu.

  II - Save Where

Define where you want to save your decrypted files.

  • If the button labeled "I want to save my decrypted files in their original location" is checked, the decrypted files will be saved in the same folder as their sources (see screenshot above).

    If this button is checked, go to step III - Decrypt.

  • If the button labeled "I want to choose the folder where my files will be saved" is checked, the decrypted files will be saved in the folder you will have selected (see screenshot below).

You can choose the folder where to save your decrypted files by either:

  • Type in a valid path in the text box (grayed). If the folder does not exist, CryptUp will ask if it must create it for you.

  • Select a folder you already used in the drop-down list which appears when you click the little down arrow (right of the grayed area). This list will build up as you define new paths.

  • Press [ Change ] to select a folder on your hard drive. The selected folder will be displayed in the text box (grayed).

  III - Decrypt

All you have to do now is type in the key used to encrypt the selected files and press [ OK ].

If you entered the right key, the files will be decrypted.

If you mistyped or used a wrong  key, the following message will let you know!

In this case, press [ OK ] and type in the key again.

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