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 Choose your language

CryptUp displays texts and messages in English, French or Dutch. Select your language in the dropdown list.

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 Minimum key length

Sets the minimum number of characters a key must be composed of; this number must be between 3 and 256. By default, this value is set at 8. This option enables you to set the lowest acceptable level of security when encoding your documents. In this respect, please refer to the page Passwords vs Passphrases.

Remember: The longer the key, the more protection you get. Therefore, to encrypt the most confidential of your data, use as many characters as you can.

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 Make [Delete source file] the default option when I encrypt or decrypt a file

  • If this box is checked, the deletion of the source file will be the default option in the main window. We suggest that you check this option to avoid the danger of forgetting on your HD a non encrypted "version" of a file you thought encrypted and safe.

  • If this box is not checked, the default option will be to leave the source file untouched.

This check box does not set the option but rather presets the check box in the Encrypt / Decrypt window to your most often used action. You will still be able to change this default behavior when you Encrypt or Decrypt a document.

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Position CryptUp windows

Center Windows
Save Windows Position

The above radio buttons are mutually exclusive. When you select one, the other is automatically deselected.

  • If you click the button "Center Windows", CryptUp dialog boxes will be centered in the usable area of the screen. The usable area is the portion of the screen available after display of the task bar, toolbars, etc.
    This is the default option.

  • If you choose "Save Windows Position", the position of the last opened dialog box will be memorized and, when another dialog box is opened, it will be displayed at the same position.

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