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What is a self-extracting encrypted archive?

A self-extracting encrypted archive is a set of encrypted documents stored together into a single file. The archive includes an engine that extracts each document, decrypts and restores them to their original state.

A self-extracting encrypted archive extracts the documents it contains wherever you are, on any computer, as long as you have the key used to create it, of course!

What is a self-extracting encrypted archive for?

  • E-mail safely confidential documents. The recipient will recover the documents in their original state after typing in the Passphrase used to create the archive, even though CryptUp is not installed on his computer.

  • Send by post a diskette, a CD-Rom, a USB stick, etc. with all the safety required if the medium is lost or stolen.

  • Carry with you a USB stick or a CD-Rom for instance, on which your essential documents are stored and use them when you are on the way. If the medium is lost or stolen, no worry! Your files are well protected.

  • Store safely your own archives on CD or DVD and be able to read them on any computer without having to install CryptUp... Etc.

How do I create a self-extracting encrypted archive?

I - Encryption options Check the box labeled "I want to create a self-extracting encrypted archive".
To help you determine whether the source files should be deleted or not, refer to the topic Encryption Options.

II - Save Where Give your archive an explicit name: "Income tax" or "Holidays in Europe", etc. The name is important as to remember the contents of the archive that will show no clue on what is inside before the files are decrypted.
To name the archive:

  • Press the button [ Name ].

  • In the File Selector, select the folder in which you want to save your archive.

  • Type in the name of your archive in the field [ File Name ]. If you do not add any extension [ .exe ] or add a wrong one, CryptUp will do the modification for you.

    You can also enter a full path and a name in the field [ File name ]. CryptUp will check the path. If it is not valid, CryptUp will let you know.

For a specific help, click the question mark [ ? ] at the top right of the window. The mouse cursor will turn into . Aim at the area where you need help and make a left click.

Extraction of the archived files

Place your archive in the folder where you want your documents to be extracted. All the decrypted files will be stored in this folder.

Double-click your archive, type in the key, press [ OK ] and the extraction starts.

The window displays the name of the file being decrypted in it's title bar, the action progress, the number of files in the archive and the number of files already decrypted.

Please note
The language of the archive interface is defined by the language of the operating system on which it is launched. Therefore, if you send an archive to a French or Dutch speaking recipient, the interface will match automatically his language.

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