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Why protect my documents

The privacy of our computers' data is, nowadays, a recurrent question. Being connected by modem, DSL, cable, Wi-Fi, etc. to the Internet and Intranet and, generally speaking, by every mean allowing our PCs to have access to the rest of the world, add to the risks of our data, which we want to keep private and to remain as such, being viewed by anyone and everyone.

Do you wish anyone to access your private mail, your corporate trade secrets, your banking files, credit card codes, etc.? Let anyone, who wishes to, read your e-mails?

Of course not! The only way to protect your data, whether you share your PC with a colleague, your laptop is stolen or, more simply, to keep what you want to be secret to stay as such, is encryption.

Moreover, any encrypted file, whether it be a Word document, a spread sheet, a picture, even an executable, will be protected against viruses.

CryptUp is a program that allows you to encrypt and decrypt your documents in such a way that the only one who has the key used to encrypt them will be able to access them; in other words you or anyone to whom you will have given the encryption key.

Why "shred" my documents

When you delete a file, it is not physically destroyed. It's name is erased from the Master File Table (MFT) for NTFS formatted volumes or from the File Allocation Table (FAT) but the sectors, containing your data, remain on your hard disk and can be recovered! Explanation

To palliate this risk, CryptUp has a shredder built in that erases all the data in all the sectors of all the clusters of the file you want to delete. Doing so, your shredded file will be irremediably and definitively destroyed, whatever the means, existing or to come, used to try to restore your data.

Why CryptUp

Very compact, since it is written in C, CryptUp is also extremely powerful. It will not unnecessarily jam your hard disk and its small footprint will take it easy on your computer's memory. The keys up to 256 characters (2048 bits) will offer your documents complete security.

Besides, its tight integration to Windows Explorer makes it very easy to use.

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