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Very compact, since it is written in "C", CryptUp is also extremely powerful. The encryption keys up to 256 signs (2048 bit) will offer your documents complete security.

Make a test: encrypt a file, compress it with WinZip®, for instance, and have a look at the compression ratio. One of CryptUp source files (a C source file is a plain text document), actually the encryption algorithm, encrypted using a 376-bit key (47 characters) and compressed using the "Maximum (slowest)" WinZip option, showed a 0% compression ratio.

Compressing the same file, encrypted with an 80-bit only key (10 signs), consisting of 10 times the character 'x', showed the same result. A 0% compression ratio!

Experimenting with any of your encrypted files will give the the same results.

What does this mean? It simply means that the same character, for instance an 'a', is "converted", in the encrypted file, to a different value (that is another character or sign) each time it is encountered.

If a null compression ratio of an encrypted document is not the absolute proof of it's invulnerability, we can say that it is the first condition that a strong encryption algorithm must fulfil. In other words, if an encrypted file can be compressed significantly, it will not resist even the most trivial attack...


System requirements

CryptUp memory footprint and resources requirements are so small that any PC will do; and when we say any PC, we mean it! We are strong believers in efficient coding and we avoid the "High Productivity", "Easy to use" programming tools much praised today. The programming is much faster, but at the expense of huge multi-files applications and heavy on your computer memory. It takes much longer to develop an application in pure C language, mixed with Assembler, but the reward is a very compact and fast code.

However, even if CryptUp is light on your memory and fast, the encryption and decryption algorithms being very complex, handling a large file with a slow computer might be a time consuming operation!

 Operating Systems 

CryptUp supports the following operating systems on Intel 32 bit platforms:

Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

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